According to the boss, who used to work in the supermarket business, the initial choice to specialize in curry-based dishes was because he felt that Singaporeans enjoy spicy food and it seems a sensible decision then. 12 years later, its success has completely proven that this decision is the right one.
The owner and his family worked together with the owner being in charge of cooking the curry from a central kitchen while his brothers are all assigned to manage the various food stalls. Their collective efforts were rewarded when Na Na Homemade Curry brought its curry dishes to Amara Hotel Food Court and Blk 303 Jurong East Ave 1.

Reporter Recommendation
Among the curry dishes, the fish head curry is a favourite among diners. Using fresh red snapper fish head, the use of curry sauce enhances the sweetness of the meat and the richness of the flavour is a hit for curry lovers.
For those who are not accustomed to fish head, you can try the chicken curry, mutton curry and vegetable. The fish head clay pot starts from $13, and chicken curry is sold at $3.50.