25 March 2006
“Traditional Family Recipe Handed-down from generation to generation”

Opposite the Bedok bus interchange, within the NTUC foodcourt, one cannot help but be tempted by the tantalising curry smell. As you trace the smell of this rich aroma, it would lead you to NaNa Homemade Curry. The perfect combination of curry fish head, curry mutton, curry chicken, mixed vegetable curry with either bread or rice are enjoyed by diners, who are relishing their spicy and tasty meals.

This traditional flavour, offered by Na Na Homemade Curry, has been enjoyed by generations of diners. One would wonder how could such a traditional flavour be maintained? Our reporter went to find out from the stall owner selling Na Na Homemade Curry, Mr. Rong.

Originating from Hong Kong, Mr Rong emigrated to Singapore 13 years ago. Since he was introduced to Mr Yap, owner of the original Na Na Homemade Curry, he decided to open a franchised shop in Bedok. Mr. Rong mentioned that Na Na Homemade Curry has 5 franchised shops in Singapore. All of them offer dishes of the same flavours as the curry ingredients are all centrally distributed to all franchised shops. The dishes are all centrally prepared to maintain standards and are based on traditional recipes.

According to Mr Rong, “our curry dishes have been voted by SMRT bus supervisors as one of 3 most delicious dish in Singapore. The bus supervisors all love our curry dishes as the food is invigorating and it energized them after a tiring day. Even the younger generation love our curry dishes and they have been our loyal customers over the years……”

Looking back at the history of Na Na Homemade Curry, it is a reminiscent of distant traditional curry flavours from Indonesia and Malaysia as well as a fusion of flavours from the Peranakan ingredients.

Since the opening of Na Na Homemade Curry in Singapore, it has consistently maintained an authentic traditional flavour. The indescribable flavourful curry fish head has a variety of ingredients (tomato; lady’s fingers and yam) that enhances its taste, not to mention its nutritional value.

Fish Head Curry is priced between $13 to $25, depending on the size of the fish head and the mutton curry is $3.50; The economical mixed vegetable rice is priced at only $2.30. The stall offers a wide variety of offerings such as chicken, potatoes, vegetable, and rice which certainly is a great a value for money.