25 March 2006
“Traditional Family Recipe Handed-down from generation to generation”

Opposite the Bedok bus interchange, within the NTUC foodcourt, one cannot help but be tempted by the tantalising curry smell. As you trace the smell of this rich aroma, it would lead you to NaNa Homemade Curry. The perfect combination of curry fish head, curry mutton, curry chicken, mixed vegetable curry with either bread or rice are enjoyed by diners, who are relishing their spicy and tasty meals.

This traditional flavour, offered by Na Na Homemade Curry, has been enjoyed by generations of…

According to the boss, who used to work in the supermarket business, the initial choice to specialize in curry-based dishes was because he felt that Singaporeans enjoy spicy food and it seems a sensible decision then. 12 years later, its success has completely proven that this decision is the right one.
The owner and his family worked together with the owner being in charge of cooking the curry from a central kitchen while his brothers are all assigned to manage the various food stalls. Their collective efforts were rewarded when Na Na Homemade Curry brought its curry dishes to…

2015 City Hawker Food Hunt

City Hawker Best Food Award - Na Na Homemade Curry

If you are a curry connoisseur, you will experience immense satisfaction to find this stall serving all types of curry dishes: Curry Fish Head; Mutton Curry; Chicken Curry. The main highlight would be the Fish Head Curry. This dish is served with deep-fried crispy beancurd skin that accompanied this dish which makes it wonderfully flavourful.

30 years of culinary experience by husband and wife team, Yap Hock Hua and Poh Swee Lan who have persistently maintain…